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Posted by Jack Torrance at on July 18, 2000 at 22:25:34:

In Reply to: Onslaught storyline posted by Epac2k on July 18, 2000 at 22:01:27:

: Ok, remember in Fatal Attractions or one of those storylines when Xavier mindwiped Magneto, making Magneto completely forget who he was, then Magneto became Joseph, a good guy and actually joined the XMen at this point. Well, the mind of Magneto had been brewing inside Prof X this whole time, and finally was set loose as the monstrosity known as Onslaught. Onslaught destroyed the mansion and the Avengers arrived just as Onslaught left. Onslaught contacted little Franklin Richards, who has the power to warp reality, and eventually kidnapped the kid along with X-Man, and held him inside..himself. Onslaught was so huge that he held those two guys inside him.

: Anyways, long story short in Central Park in New York, the X-Men, Avengers,Fantastic Four, Hulk and Doom all gathered to take out Onslaught. Jean Grey mindwiped the Hulk of his human side, so Hulk became some nasty bitch ass killing machine, and went at it in a titanic battle with onslaught.

: Hulk cracked Onslaught's armor, and in the process, Hulk and Bruce Banner actually separated into two separate entitites(dont ask me, i dunno bout dat one). Now, Onslaught took his final form, which was like a psionic energy field and Rogue and Vision tried to provide another..destroyable shell by penetrating onslaught. But, Onslaught expanded when Rogue touched him,leading Reed Richards to beileve that since Onslaught started life as a mutant, that he would expand by being touched by one(ie,X-Men). So, Richards came up with the "ingenious" plan for all the non mutants to penetrate Onslaught, giving the X-Men a shell to destroy Onslaught completely. So, the Avengers,FF,Hulk and Bruce Banner and Doom all leapt into Onslaught. After they went in, good ol Cyke gave the X-Men, the A-OK to attack, destroying the Avengers and all the previously mentioned sacrificers.

: In this process, Cable and Prof X locate Nate Grey(X-Man) and Franklin Richards, and the two inside Onslaught use their powers to make some kind of psionic connection with Cable and free themselves from Onslaught.

: So, Onslaught dies but so do the Avengers,FF,Hulk and Doom. But wait--theres more. The above dont actually die, they get sent to some alternate dimension and somehow find their way back into our reality later down the road, cuz everyone got pissed that they died.

: Weird,huh?

: Hope that clears it up, if not IM me on AOL: TigerrXX99,and Ill answer any questions ya might have.

: Nick

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