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Posted by FearAndBullets at on July 18, 2000 at 19:42:11:

I Just finished a book that someone gave me for Christmas last year. I keep it in the throne room for those moments when I don't have time to find anything to read. You know those Golgathan moments. It was the unauthorized Tim Burton biography by Ken Hanke. It was poorly written and would have been better titled as a long drawn out filmography. But the Final chapter was about Tim Burton's involvment in the Superman project and I thought "cool!" when I saw that it mentioned the Script that Kevin had wrote and how much Tim Burton had liked the re-write. But then there was an absolutely unnecessary paragraph about how overly involved Kevin's Script was concerning all the supervillians that were used and what not....this was not idle criticism or even in the correct forum for such a critique. The book was not about Kevin. He just took a page out to bash him I thought it was totally un called for. He made Kevin out to look like an asshole and unprofessional!!!!I was pissed that I had spent so much quality "throne room" time reading this book only to find the end of this piece of crap bashing my favorite film maker.

My question is this has anyone from View Askew seen this book? What were your thoughts considering the Kevin bashing ?

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