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Posted by MK at on July 18, 2000 at 15:43:11:

In Reply to: My picks for XMen sequels posted by Epac2k on July 18, 2000 at 14:43:36:

The whole Legion storyline...Prof. X's fucked up split personanlity kid...that would be cool...

no back on topic...

: Damn! Those are real good ideas, but the best ones i thought are the Fatal Attraction storyline and everyone forgets the Onslaught!! Even though it had to deal with every superhero in the Marvel Universe, Onslaught was based upon the XMen, of course Onslaught has to follow the Ftal Attractions, because Xavier mind wiped--oops, not gonna spoil it, for any one whose never read an XMen comic, but liked the movie, get the Onslaught books, there are 3 compilation books, that have multiple issues of comics in them,so you can get the full story. If Im not mistaken the first one is Marvel Universe: X-Men, then Comrades in Arms, then Marvel Universe: Onslaught. Im pretty sure bout that, if Im wrong then can someone correct me so I dont look like a moron!lol.

: Anyways, the most likely storyline to come out of the comics for the movie is Fatal Attraction. They already alluded to it by showing that Magneto can control Wolverine's adamantium skeleton both in the train sequence and inside the Statue of Liberty in the movie. I hope they have Mags rip out the skeleton, then in the third sequel get it back, thatd be cool. Anyways, whats everyone else theories on the most likely comic to movie storyline?

: Peace,
: Nick

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