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Posted by Whisper2AScream at on July 17, 2000 at 16:31:39:

In Reply to: I lovedMystery Men... posted by TrentReno on July 17, 2000 at 00:39:00:

Mystery Men had some decent parts to it.

The fact is, it's a movie based on an off the beaten path (aka independant press) comic. Let's face it, other than comic experts, how many people are all that familiar with the Mystery Man comics or what they're based on, the Flaming Carrot series? Personally, while I've heard of the comics, I've never actually read them. (Read mostly the DC/Vertigo books, meself. Hellblazer, Preacher, Books of Magic, Sandman, etc.) So, while I can't do a comic-to-film comparative, I can say that while some parts of it fell flat, the concept was rather sweet. A group of underdog superheroes suddenly are the ones who get to save the world.

And anyway, wasn't the original idea was to a parody of the whole superhero franchise? (A la other known parodies like "Geekville" (formerly 3 Geeks), a homage and chuckle to comic fanboys everywhere, and also a fave of mine cuz it reminds me of some role-playing campaign sessions I've been in, "Knights at the Dinner Table.") And yes, compared to other comics-to-film translation, it is better than some better left forgotten. (Batman and Robin, ugh, what was Joel smokin' to come up with that piece of crap?)

: i don't wanna prove you anything since you have a right to your opinion. I just thought it was hilarious in the way the Tick series (and comic) was. Plus, Mystery Men had that hot chick from MALLRATS!!!

: I don't wanna list everything i thought was funny, I just give it a nice big thumbs up. Especially compared to comic book movie flops like Captain America (Rubber ears!), Punisher, TMNT 2&3, Superman 3 (Sorry Richard Pryor), possibly Swamp Thing, and many many others.

: I didn't catch the Nick Fury and GenX movies though. I heard they were okay.

: -Ralphy

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