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Posted by Kid Fanboy at on July 17, 2000 at 14:07:45:

In Reply to: Days of Future Past? posted by Night Berserker on July 16, 2000 at 17:48:51:

The "Days of Future Past" storyline ran issues #s 142 'n' 143, shortly after the conclusion of the Dark Phoenix Saga in the X-Men's artistic heyday. It was the introduction of the alternate future so prominantly featured in the title even today (and which has done nothing but convolute its continuity over the years).

In it, Senator Robert Kelly (with whom you're all now familiar) first introduces the Mutant Registration Act. This will lead to his assasination by a newly-formed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led by Mystique (who makes her first appearance), and a martyrdom that results in an all-out mutant holocaust.

The few remaining X-Men of the future, including Magneto and Franklin Richards, devise a plan (with the help of technology smuggled into their concentration camp by Wolverine) to allow Cyclops and Jean's daughter Rachel to use her telepathic powers to juxtapose the minds of Kitty Pryde in the future with Kitty Pryde in the past.

While Kitty leads the X-Men to prevent the assasination in the present, the future X-Men attack the headquarters of the Sentinels (giant robots who've been designed to carry out the extermination of mutantkind, yet exceeded their programming and are now enslaving all of humanity). The X-Men in the present are successful, the X-Men of the future aren't.

And yes, this did inspire James Cameron's Terminator.

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