Buddy Jesus and Degrassi High

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Posted by Captain Darren at on July 17, 2000 at 07:29:02:

Hi. I'd just like to say that the idea for Buddy Jesus is brilliant, and that I agree with it totally... I never liked the idea of a Jesus Corpse on a cross. It seems to be more of a representation of J.C.'s failure, than the good person that he tried to be. Brilliant idea... I think I'll order the mini-Buddy-Jesus car ornament... Anyone else agree?

I read that Mister Kevin is a fan of the Degrassi series (and the reference in Chasing Amy amused the hell out of me). Are any of you message-board people Degrassi-enthusiasts as well? I wanted to ask Mister Kevin if he ever saw the Degrassi TV Movie called "Schools out" which starts right after their final graduation from highschool. It's quite entertaining as I remember. (I watched it two times over 8 years ago) It involves drugs, vulgarity, alcohol, swimming, banannas with condoms on them, and a whole lotta sweet-lovin' (and baby-making). One quote that sticks in my head clearly is when Caitlin walks in on Snake and Joey having a name-calling fight where Snake snaps and says a little too much. She said oh so stylishly, "You were fucking Tessa?" I have no idea if that movie was shown in America at all, but in Canada the CRTC guys are cool with nudity and vulgarity as long as it's Canadian Content... I wonder if there would be any way for that movie to be shown at one of those film festival things that you guys do. I would love to talk more about Degrassi nostalgia, but I have to get back to work/sleep. (and most of you probably don't give a damn about the excellent show... Snake, Joey, Wheels, Spike, Caitlin, Arthur, Yick, Wheel-chair-girl... Degrassi had it all)

Captain Darren

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