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Posted by rogben at on July 17, 2000 at 05:33:02:

In Reply to: Days of Future Past revealed posted by Nightwalker23 on July 16, 2000 at 18:59:02:

: Days of Future Past was a storyline from the early 1980s written by Chris Claremont that featured Scott Summer and Jean Grey's daughter from the future, travelling back to the past (the comic's present) to get help from the X-Men.

Close, but not exactly right. Rachel didn't come back through time for a number of years after DoFP... and when she did, it was in the pages of The New Mutants. In DoFP, Rachel swapped the young Kitty's mind with that of the elder Kate.

And given that I quit reading the X-Men (and comics in general) when Jim Lee was on his way in and Claremont was on his way out, I can't believe I actually remember any of that. [grin]


In this "alternate" future (I say alternate because some storylines point to this future as THE ultimate future of the comic series), certain mutants are controlled by the government and used as hounds to search out other "rebel" mutants that reject the control of the gov't. In this storyline, the only X-Men remaining are Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, until Wolverine's entire body is vaporized by one of the roaming Sentinels (giant robots created by the government to detain and/or eliminate rogue mutants -- for those who aren't familiar with the comics). I won't give away anymore of the story for those of you who may want to seek it out and read it. The storyline can be found in trade paperback at some comic shops or online... look for it, it's one of the classics of the comic and I highly recommend it.

: : also, in the movie, the girl that left her book in the classroom, Professor called her Kitty. what was Kitty Pride's codename?

: Kitty Pryde's codename was originally Sprite, then eventually changed to Shadowcat. Also, for all of you who weren't with the series during the late '70s and early '80s, Rogue's role in the movie was Kitty's in the comic. She was the original young outcast in the group that befriends Wolverine. They're still best buds to this day (and still tighter than Jubilee and Wolverine in today's comics). Kitty has been trained in Ninjitsu by the same master that trained Wolverine, so she's no slacker. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the movie sequels will be going down that same road.

: I can't remember. also, did anyone catch Ray Park's homage to Darth Maul when he was whirling that baton. he even did like a wink at the camera. neat stuff. great flick. we need Gambit in the sequel.

: Yep, I noticed the little Darth Maul tribute... very cool. Great movie, wonderful time at the theatre... and, from someone who's been with the comic a VERY long time, a high salute to Bryan Singer for capturing the essence of the X-Men.

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