Am I the only one?

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Posted by The Lizard King at on July 17, 2000 at 01:06:11:

In Reply to: Kevin Smith's Top 5 Comic Book Movies. posted by Chiusano on July 17, 2000 at 00:42:23:

Am I the only one who thought the Superman movies were great, but thought the others were pretty...lame? Superman was fun, enjoyable, and classic, Superman II was good too, not as much because of the entire clark turning into a human and being weak stuff, which is sort of off-putting. TMNT just sucked as did Conan the Barbarian and if you think I need to say anymore then you must have not seen the same movie. The Rocketeer was neat, but altogether dissapointing. Batman was also cool, with a cool look, but Tim Burton still didn't make a great movie, it just isn't memorable beyond the look.

I just think comic book movies shouldn't be judged on how close they stay to te root material. It's not as easy translating a comic book to film as a novel because of the origin stories and etc. I love comics and movies a bunch, but X-Men wasn't a fantastic movie. It was cluttered like most comic movies with too many characters. i think we comic fans just got a kick out of seeing our favorite characters on the screen in a not-disappointing film.

I've rambled on too long. Sorry.

: Since someone below wanted it, I went and fetched it. Here's his EW list. But Kev, if you revised it, which slot would X-Men fit into? And where's The Crow, man?

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: The Rocketeer (1991) - This is probably the closest translation to screen that comics have ever had, dumbing nothing down for the mainstream.

: Batman (1989) - Not the best representation of the Dark Knight (Batman would never fire missles at anyone) but the brooding tone was right.

: Superman II (1980) - Superman facing off against not just Lex Luther but also three Kryptonian convicts of equal strength made this the best of the bunch. And he didn't even turn back time by making the earth rotate in the opposite direction.

: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) - Joke if you must, but the movie was really close to the comic.

: Conan the Barbarian (1982) - Granted, he was a pulp hero before he was a comic-book character. But this flick was a pretty strong adaption of the comic, as well as a showcase for one of Arnold's best performances. Ever.
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