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Posted by Bezerker Chris at spider-wg052.proxy.aol.com on April 29, 2000 at 13:31:45:

In Reply to: My suggestion: (PLEASE, PLEASE read) posted by Darth Dobbin2 on April 29, 2000 at 03:58:03:

: Look, I'm obviusly a Smith fan. I post here. I've got action figures. I own DVDs..I'm gonna probably take off two days from my gainful employ to go watch movies with other fans on Halloween.. I think I can understand the motives of a "fan." But can you HONESTLY say that two comedy characters who are so engaging preceisly because of their improbable and ridiculous nature deserve to be PERMANENTLY BRANDED into your living flesh, with sub-cutaneous ink that NEVER GOES AWAY UNTIL YOU DIE?!?!

Actually, it would still be there when they die. Even if they were to get cremated the burned up ink fibers would still be there, I'm sure. Although this is a science argument. Something I know nothing about. Let's move on...

: I'll admit, I find the notion of ANY tattoo to be ill-advised... I mean, you can choose a religion for your soul, and that's supposed to be ETERNAL, right? Eternal is like, permanent squared. But even with that, you can decide to dump it if the mood hits you, or switch to a new one.. But a tattoo? That's forever, my friend. It don't go away. Lasers are a lie. You are going to commit two stoner characters from some funny movies onto the same leg you will own when you are EIGHTY.

Well, religion and tattoos are two completely different things, although I kind of see what you're saying. I've always argued that if you get a tattoo, it's got to actually mean something. Me? I've got two....the Superman 'S' shield cuz I've always had a deep love of the charactor and (sounds corny I know) what he stands for....and a dragon cuz that's my Chinese birthsign. I've seen people get really lame ones and then regret it. That's what you have to avoid.

: If you are dead set on getting you skin forever and indelibly disfigured, and are willing to shoulder the life-long commitment to the prejudices of others who will form opionions based on such things, PLEASE, at least go tradtional... Get a heart with an arrow thru it, and the word "MOM" in a scroll beneath. Or an anchor.

Well, I mean, in this day and age you'll find most people don't really give a shit about someone with a tat. Although I do think some folks get a bit carried away with piercings and facial ones. But again still if that's what they wanna do, hey, more power to 'em.

: Or save your money, your skin, and maybe the heartache of losing a really good job 10 years from now,or maybe repelling with a 1st impression the woman who was *supposed* to be your Mrs. Right; Every 10 years, you're such a completely different person than you were the decade previous. As a 30 year old guy, you don't want the actions of that asshole you were when you were 20 still affecting you, do you?

My Mrs. Right wouldn't judge me by the fetus tattoo on the inside of my leg. She'd probably have one to match mine. I wouldn't judge her anyway. I'd be too busy checking out her cans.

I think in most cases companies don't really give a damn about someone with some skin work. I mean if you can cover it up, there's really not a problem.

: And beyond that, a Jay & Silent Bob tattoo is the polar opposite of "badass."

: Really.

I for one wouldn't want that kind of a tattoo, no. I say stick with dragons.

That's all.

Now I watch Barfly


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