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Posted by cartoon-guy at on April 28, 2000 at 23:07:32:

Today we finished the last little bit on the last of the six CLERKS cartoons. It came down to the wire since as of last night, six retakes were still missing from some of the shows. I was told that it was too late to get the changes in the shows, but after promising the post production crew hookers and beer, they found a way to make it happen. Thanks guys!

What's a retake? It's when we ask the Koreans animators for a second (or third, or fourth or fifth...) pass on the animation. Some of the retakes were due to us needing something new, like another line of dialogue or a new shot, but most were because of things like paint mistakes, where they might forget to color Randal's head or they paint the sky day colors instead of night.

Our last minute retakes entailed repositioning a title card, adding moving mouths to a dialogue shot of Jay (the Korean animator forgot to draw them), repainting a ladies room door so that it didn't change color from shot to shot, fixing a camera move that was panning in the wrong direction and swapping out a couple of backgrounds and replacing them with better ones. It seemed like whenever we thought we were done, we found new things that needed doing. At times it seemed like we'd never finish by the deadline.

I saw on the CLERKS web site that they're featuring behind the scenes stuff from me. Well, there's nothing there. Unfortunately, I was too busy on the show to write down any interesting anecdotes for them to print. If I think of anything, I'll post it here.

So you know, I really hate the picture they used of me smiling like an idiot at the drawing board. ;P

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