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Posted by JewElmo at spider-tf072.proxy.aol.com on April 28, 2000 at 00:23:09:

In Reply to: NOPE NOPE NOT TRUE... posted by GuruAskew on April 27, 2000 at 20:08:31:

The Characters have the same line? That's your explanation?! Look, originally the character was designed to be the same as the one in Clerks. But when Willam was cast, the character changed. Ethan's Willam wouldn't have been at the Quick Stop the next day, because he would be back at the mall still trying to see the sailboat. (On a side note, I think This Willam of two worlds theory should be dealt with in the final Askew flick. It would be a nice little inside joke if the two Willams come face to face.) They are just two people who live in the same general tri-state area, with identical names. You don't think it's possible? I've run into that coincidence before.

As for your logic relating To Walt Grover and Walt Flanagan: Walt Flanagan is definetely Walt the Fanboy, that much is given and proven in the comics. Just because Walt Grover is listed next to Steve Dave doesn't mean he is meant to be Walt the Fanboy. Remember, Kevin contributed to this himself.

The only flaw I can find would lie in Walt Grover's last name. There must be some explanation to this. Maybe someone should ask Kevin. Remember though, families can be large and various last names can exist linking families. The Bruce immediate family may just be the closest link to the Graves. Anyways, seeing as how he is the only other Walt in existence in the View Askewniverse, it leaves no other choice but for us to assume that Walt Grover is cousin Walt.

You know your shit? Of course you do. Most of us here do.


: His last name is either "Bruce" or "Graves." How do I know this? Because in "Clerks (Holiday Special)", Randal refers to the caning as a "Graves/Bruce family tradition," NOT a "Graves/Bruce/Grover" family tradition. Don't mess with me. I know my shit. Now, it could also be the "Hey, Walt!" Walt, but it's so obvious that the "Walt Grover" is intended to be the fanboy, mainly because he's listed right next to "Steve-Dave Pulsati" that you just need to accept the fact that the damn thing is inaccurate. Also, the "Willam of Two Worlds Phenomenon" is a joke about their appearance. However, on the Clerks and Mallrats commentary tracks, Kevin refers to them as the same character. Plus, there is the immortal line "What, do you work here now?" that Willam utters in both "Clerks" and "Mallrats."

: : Walt Flanagan is Walt the fan boy. We all know from "Walt Flanagan's Dog" that the fan boy owned Krypto. Walt Grover is presumably Brodie and Randall's cousin Walt.

: : The two worlds of Willam theory is Kevin's joke answer. So in the View Askew "reality" there are now two Willams. Mosier and Suplee.
: : -JewElmo
: : : There are loads of inaccuracies, like two SEPARATE "Willam Blacks" being listed when Kevin has acknowledged them as the same character for some time now, and it lists Walt Flanagan (as in "Walt Flanagan's Dog) and Walt Grover (as in Fan-Boy) as two separate characters, when we all know that Walt Flanagan, owner of Krypo, is the Fan-Boy. I don't know why you guys didn't hear about this being included with the DVD version, but it's been known for some time onw.

: : : : Find a way to get it to the DVD buyers.

: : : : Wonder why they didn't announce it before now?

: : : : thx3188
: : : : Money and Power...MONEY and POWER...MONEY AND POWER

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