Let's see, either you are smart of stupid...

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Posted by Punk in Drublic at on April 27, 2000 at 11:52:15:

In Reply to: you is smarter than i be... posted by kwyjibo on April 27, 2000 at 00:06:14:

Well if you are smart, which i highly doubt, you wouldnt be asking about words like paradigm.

: thanks for that genius...you really showed me...i mean, i'm such a stupid 13 year old and all...you fuck!...i don't appreciate the acerbity in your last post either...

OH big word! Acerbity. Let's see you know this word yet you don't know what Catharsis means.

: ...what really pisses me off about this message bored is that any psychophant loser can feel like a big man shooting down people on honest questions because they are obsessive Kevin Smith fans that most likely call out "Kevin" will bangin' their girlfriends...

Once again nice word! You must be a true English major.

: ...next time i'll be more careful being curious...i should watch what i say around hardcore fans like you...

There's a saying, "Stupid questions get stupid answers." Not that every question is stupid, but why would you put up this front of ignorance by asking the meanings of words when you "obviously" have a much more advanced mind than that of a normal human such as mine.

: peace

peace? okay. nice theory but what about when there are injustices in the world? Should there have been peace when Hitler waged his war against everything non-White...nevermind

: Cam

Okay Mr. Neely, just for the record I thought you were a great player. Even though I'm a Kings fan not a Bruins schill.

R.C. Collins

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