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Posted by Lucifer Lyndon Razoodock at spider-wl044.proxy.aol.com on April 27, 2000 at 00:11:18:

In Reply to: Antworten... posted by Wellington on April 26, 2000 at 17:06:13:

: : God Is in-stasis, Is She not?
: Yes He is...remember, it was Bud Cort in the coma...

Bud Cort is not playing himself, but rather portraying The Almighty in vulnerable human form.
Actually, it's fairly tedious to play The Pronoun Game with God as the closest one can come to an assertation of God's gender, you trip over Rufus' cryptic: "She's not really anything."
: : Was this a pre-crisis decree from She to The Metatron?

: It could be a fail safe...tap the Last Scion should I not return...keeping the light on at home to ward off thieves type of thing...

Well, I guessed that much...but I was curious as to where The Metatron ranks as a sentient individual. Does h(H?)e take a command in God's absense . . . or is his will an extension of God's own . . . or is it just one of those "funny" ways of God?
Within the allegory of "Dogma," The Metatron seems very much his own seraphim and his relationship to God seems a bit like a bitchy Jiminy Cricket...that's an affectionate observation too...after the finale of "Dogma," I'd actually like to see/read more of the dynamic between ViewAskew's God & the Metatron...

: : She must've known what Azrael was up to before She was bum-rushed by the three as a He...

: Maybe God thought that Azrael was up on a routine posession like he told Loki and Bartleby...a little pre-destination thought there...

That would make God easily-fooled; don't buy it...


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