Letter to Kevin Smith re: The Next Movie...

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Posted by Kermez at adsl-216-61-140-253.fryars.com on April 26, 2000 at 19:53:55:

Please pass this along to Kevin Smith if at all possible... (So, how many of these do you get a week?)

I have mixed emotions concerning the possible last "Jay-and-Silent-Bob" flick. In the jumble are disappointment, sadness, confusion, and anger. Right now, mostly anger. I speak as a fan of three of the four "Jay-and-Silent-Bob" flicks (I did not like Chasing Amy, but Clerks is my favorite movie, EVER). Its the cross-references, recurring characters, and cameos that keep me coming back for more. I don't know that I would much care for a Kevin Smith movie without those elements. Although I would certainly check it out, to be honest, I would be highly critical and "nitt-picky" about the thing. I wouldn't be cutting the film much, if any, slack because the things I put my "hard earned dollars down on the counter" to see would be absent. Each movie you make after your "wrap-up flick" would have to be "fantabulous" in the extreme to get me to see any others that would follow it.

I'm not "in the business," so I will never relate to any "creative growth" issues or problems you might have, or whatever they call it. I am a movie fan who knows what he likes. I go to the theaters, I rent videos, I buy DVDs. You are responsible for my favorite movie of all time, but that dosen't mean I will always go to your films. I realize that I am only one of millions of American movie-goers, so maybe my opinion isn't all that important. I just though you might want to know what one of your fans was thinking about your proposed future projects. It just seems to me you want to make a drastic change in the "formula" which got you your success. Two words for you: "New Coke"...

P.S. - Earlier this year, I purchased the "Chasing Dogma" graphic novel from the "stash on-line." Although I only paid for a regular copy, I got an autographed one. Even if you weren't directly responsible for that, you hired the guy who hired the guy who hired the guy who was responsible. Thanks.

Chad P. Culotta
Fryar & Fryar
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Houston, Texas 77098
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