I was gonna say maybe dude is just jealous...

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Posted by Isis at ic010088.ithaca.edu on April 26, 2000 at 17:07:00:

In Reply to: What's the story with the wifey's hair? posted by Chiusano on April 26, 2000 at 16:46:52:

He didn't come up with a snazzier way to arrange his locks that day. Smithie in pigtails? Yo, that would be hot. Personally I dig the long hair, I don't think it's a bad pic at all...but who is surprised by that, I'd like to know.

And for the last time there doesn't have to be any connection to Salma. So many chicks do their hair this way all the time. It's a trade secret...like garter belts & the Catholic school-girl look. All legal forms of natural Viagra.

I mean hey, maybe it's a tribute to Britney Spears, maybe Lee's long-haired look in "Stillwater" is a tribute to this picture of Kevin. Whatever. Long hair on men is definitely sexy...now if only we could convince him to put on a buckskin kilt for the next flick. What sez you, Mr. Smith?

-- Isis
The Long Island Iced Tea Lolita.

P.S. I love wearing pigtails myself, but somehow I always have this suspicious feeling that guys like 'em cause they wanna use them as reins during oral sex..."Right, right! Now left! Up, down, stop! Whoa nelly!" Paranoia perhaps, but ladies, I say always take out the pigtails first. Just in case.

: Was that a tribute to Salma's locks in Dogma? Or does Mrs. Smith always wear her hair like that and Salma's was the tribute? At any rate, I've always found that 'unbraided pigtail' (I'm sure it has a more official name that I don't know of) look to be muy muy caliente. More girls need to start doing that. I'm gonna make some calls, see what we can do about that.

: Chiusano

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