I sit in wonder at your blunder...

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Posted by Isis at ic010088.ithaca.edu on April 26, 2000 at 16:46:22:

In Reply to: Sometimes I rhyme slow/ sometimes you suck dick posted by DJ Andeee up in this mawfucka on April 26, 2000 at 01:01:18:

As you speak before you think
your woven spell of stolen thunder let me rip asunder
let me count the ways you shame the pink.

If you knew what occurs when you mix white & blood
maybe you'd stop sticking your face in the mud
in a poor attempt to imitate the flow you lack.
Your rhymes are not the hottest, you should be kissing the feet of the Goddess
the holy wrath knockin' your lowly ass a step back.

Him cannot experience Unity who has not learned Respect.
Latifah and Aretha don't need ya mess, they buy their own sess
Don't cry for Janet Reno, your taxes pay for her next gigolo
Better to be a fat bitch takin' it the rump
than a chump with a four-pound fat-hump growing out of his neck.

Wanna play your games in the underground, then get a little bolder
Make an original sound, risk a little self-disclosure
I can't turn around for all the whiteboys trying to be down
the beatbite boys, the cockfight boys, I call them shmoes
wannabe thugs whose mommas never let them know
Only little boys talk bitches & hos
Only little boys throw sticks and stones
Which never ever hurt I promise you this...
Sign that, money back from this big old bitch.

-- Isis
Write your senators, tell them put love in the constitution.

: Wannabe thugs on the corner gettin blunted / played out like atari twenty-six-hundred / or coleco / your vision's gettin blurred from the reefa / fuck unity and miss fat latifah / I'm down with Janet Reno in the trump casino playin keno / winnin chips while she throws fits cuz she knows manyana I'll be here with another bitch / lifes a b and then you d / fuck a ho / I hope I grow up to be a five foot three little g / I'm out I gotta p.

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