J.Travolta in Battlefield:Pie

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Posted by MickCollins. at wkstn4-85.lxr.georgetown.edu on April 25, 2000 at 21:39:58:

In Reply to: Re: Hey Kev, is Lee stoked about Battlefield: Earth? posted by Not So Somber on April 25, 2000 at 19:51:33:

Watch as a 9 foot Travolta eats pie after pie,blueberry,apple and even mincemeat while human beings cower in fear at the gelatinous load and its gaping,bottomless maw. I like Lee,but Scientology is dirty. Atleast with Judaism,Christianity and Islam, you can leave to sleep in and not have to worry about 3 plainsuits in a Datsun pulling up and trying to reprogram you after a KrispyKreme run. And L.Ron Hubbard? He writes fiction like Travolta modeling Spandex Gammies. L.Ron once said "Religion is where the real money is". So that should be a big warning shot off the bow of the good ship common sense. It ain't working. Hackwriter with formulaic plot. Earth will be a bomb the size of Cutthroat Island(I.E. Hydrogen,500 megatons,once dropped:no life including cockroaches will survive.). And I gave that Dianetics a look in Barnes&Noble and it brought back disturbing memories of Mein Kampf,with therapists in place of Jews and better grammar. And Scientology has their chubby little fingers in many pies,I bet they will take in a good chunk of whatever the flick makes(I say barely enough to cover the cost of Travolta's personal caterer). And John will be presented with a new,shiny hat and wider chair. I have no problem with any religion or ideological system that makes people happy,but the one rule is "cause no harm". And too many reports of the funnyhats causing harm have reached mine eyes. So,in closing, Battle and Scien-ty are poopy. Lee is good. Travolta loves calories.

: Despite the propaganda that it has hidden scientology messages in it, I've heard the movie does not have anything to do with scientology, aside from the fact that it was written by teh churches founder. It's a scifi film, based on a scifi book, that's all

: Randall

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