Ming is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan who was discovered by Kevin Smith while both were participating in a seemingly harmless WebChat session. It was during this chat in which the famous director was alerted to Ming's up and coming 'Clerks' website. Sensing the enormous talent contained within it's creator, Kevin immediately contacted Ming and drafted him into the View Askew-inverse to work on his own website. The result is what you see before you now.

Ming's web accomplishments have been described as legendary. His personal homepage has also captured many an award and he was even called 'King of the Web' by notable web personality Tabatha Holtz. You can check out the site here. (Please keep in mind that it is very outdated as Ming spends all his time working on this site.) Outside of the Web realm, Ming makes an honest living with a full time job and spends the rest of his time with his girlfriend Debbie.

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