Okay - I was just as pissed as you guys (well, you laserphiles at least). MCA Home Video went ahead without us and issued 'Rats' on disc with nothing extra but letter- boxing (I was surprised they did that). And did you see that front art?! Sheesh! And I called them before it came out, begging to let me add some stuff, but they said they'd already pressed a bunch of them, and it would be 'cost prohibitive' to go back to press with a new one at this juncture. I asked if they'd ever consider re-pressing, and they said "Sure... if the demand is high."

This is where you folks come in.

I've got over a half hour of cool-ass extra's, not to mention the Jay and Silent Bob Goops music video, the theatrical trailer, and all the t.v. spots (some that never aired that say "...and for the first time in color, Jay and Silent Bob!"). And you know I have a lot to say about the movie, as do the rest of Crew Askew (Scott, Dave, Walt, Jason) which would pack the commentary section. I've got all this and I want you people to see it. I need you people to see it!

You loved the 'Clerks' disc. You'd love the Special Edition 'Mallrats' disc even more. Even if you weren't a huge fan of 'Rats', you'd love the fat edition of it (which we'd keep down in price - like the 'Clerks' one).

So my suggestion to you is... FLOOD THEM! E-mail the HELL out of MCA Home Video! Fax them! Call them! You create the demand, and they'll cave! And I'm not talking just one letter. Do it once a day, if you must. Maybe three times a day! But tell them, in no uncertain terms, that you want this disc to happen, and you're willing to pay for it. And you want it now!

Believe me - I don't make any money on this deal. But, like you, when I buy a disc, I want all the extra shit. And when I know there's extra shit that's never been seen, then I want it even more (like how mad were you when you bought the box set of the Trilogy - the Ultimate Edition - and there was no extra footage; no human Jabba, no Harrison Ford screen test... even though Lucas actually talks about it on the disc!). We can make this happen. I promise you. But you have to do your part. Start bugging them - right now.

MCA/Universal Home Video: (818) 777-2100

E-Mail: unmgfeed@unistudios.com

Send you letters to:

MCA Home Video, Inc.
70 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608