Chasing Amy - The Spoiler FAQ

1. Why such a sad ending?
Whether or not the ending is sad is up to the viewer. If you're the optimistic type, maybe Holden and Alyssa get back together. The important thing is that Holden had time to do some thinking and works out his hangups over Alyssa's past. "In love- you have to put the individual ahead of their actions.. always. It's comprehension of the past - not condemnation - that neutralizes insecurity..."
2. Is Banky gay? Why aren't he and Holden still friends?
Kev says:

No - Banky is not gay. He would never cruise, nor would he have ever actively pursued Holden of his own accord.

However, he does love his friend. Very deeply.

Life comes down to moments. In the moment that Holden makes his off-kilter suggestion, Banky was willing to go the distance - a window is opened, and in that moment, Banky agrees to a same sex encounter of sorts. When Alyssa declines, that window is slammed closed. But Banky's already exposed something that he can't live with - Holden's knowledge that he would've gone through with it (for whatever reasons, whether it be to save their relationship, or because he was into it). That's why they're no longer friends by the end of the flick - Banky's self-loathing.

So is Banky gay? It's not that easily defined.

But then, that's kind of what the movie's about as well.

3. What are Holden and Banky doing with the hand signals at the end of the film?
The scene goes like this: Holden gives Banky the thumbs up for Baby Dave. Banky then motions with his head towards the table where Alyssa is sitting and gives the 'shared moment' hand gesture. Holden then shows Banky his crossed fingers as if to say "I hope so" - in regards to getting back with Alyssa.
4. Will that hat Banky wears be available for sale?
The hat was available for about a year at our retail outlet. Unfortunately they are all sold out and a reorder seems unlikely due to the high cost of reproducing another batch. If a reorder is made, it will be announced on the site.
5. What about that shirt Banky wears at the comicon?
That would be the 'Fly, Fat-ass, Fly" shirt, drawn by our very own Scott Mosier. It's for sale off our retail site.
6. Will 'Amy' be released on DVD?
That all depends on if Miramax decides to release their titles on DVD. No official announcements have been made as of yet.
7. Will the DVD be the Criterion version that was released on Laserdisc?
No official word on that either. It all boils down to rights between Criterion and Buena Vista Home Video.
8. Was that Jeff "Randal" Anderson I saw sitting next to Alyssa and Holden at the hockey rink?
No. That was actually Ernie "Rick Derris" O'Donnell who was sitting next to them.

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