The Washington Post

"Whatever Miramax was hoping for when it decided to bankroll films by Kevin Smith, it surely wasn't "Chasing Amy," the awful third installment of his "two guys hanging out" trilogy, begun with the over-praised "Clerks," and followed by the ludicrously bad "Mallrats." The words "written and directed by Kevin Smith" are now an instruction to run very fast out of the theater. Do not pay money to see this movie. Do not rent it when it comes out on video. Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky (Jason Lee) are collaborators on "Bluntman & Chronic," a stoner indie comic book. Their lives are turned upside down by Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams), herself a comic book creator. She's kinda cute in that Jewel/Olivia D'Abo kind of way, and talks like she's been sucking helium. Holden falls for her, but finds out she plays for the other team. She's a lesbian. Oh, the antics, when a red-blooded American skirt chaser falls for a lesbian! Is his partner and roommate allowed to call her a "dyke"? Is there friendship worth risking over Holden's love for Alyssa? Can a script exploring some truly deep questions about human sexuality and emotions be any shodier and wooden? Will Miramax continue to fund one of the worst directors in the business? Don't stay tuned. (Contains lots of objectionable language and partial nudity.)

-Eric Brace