Subject: REVIEW: CHASING AMY (1997)
Date: 21 Mar 1997 19:58:45 GMT
From: (Ben Hoffman)
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                               CHASING AMY
                       A film review by Ben Hoffman
                        Copyright 1997 Ben Hoffman

This is the third in a trilogy written and directed by Kevin Smith.
The previous two films were the offbeat and very entertaining CLERKS
and MALLRATS. In this third film, Smith digs deeply into relationships
as we come close to the end of a millennium.  Men and women are as
ridiculous in their relationships as they were a few decades ago.

Two cartoonist partners, Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky (Jason Lee) are
prospering with their cult comic books.  When they meet Alyssa (Joey
Lauren Adams) who is also a comic book artist, Holden is instantly
attracted to her.  He is at least momentarily unnerved when he sees her
with her girlfriend in a passionate kiss but he is so taken with her
that he is willing to settle for just a relationship as friends even if
his partner, Banky, says Holden is not the type to have women as mere

Apparently, Alyssa, a gorgeous blonde with a sweet, lovable face, just
THINKS she is a Lesbian.  How else explain her attraction to Holden?
Lesbians do not turn into heteros just because they meet a man to whom
they are attracted.  Alyssa has been a free spirit doing sexually
whatever she wanted when she was younger, experimenting in every way.
The question is whether Holden, a man of today, is able to handle what
his adored Alyssa did ten or more years ago.

As in all three of his films, Smith's writing is exceptional so the
dialog flows smoothly.  That is true of his directing, as well.  Off
the beaten track of most of today's films, Smith cuts to the heart of
what is troubling the young people of today who are still, in many
cases, unsure of where they stand and where they are going or want to
go.  Profound, witty and entertaining,.

Nevertheless, I had looked for a different ending to the film.  I could
be wrong.  Perhaps Smith's is the better option.

Written and Directed by Kevin Smith.
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Ben Hoffman