Film Threat Weekly - March 25, 1997
 * * *
	In the sensitive tradition of "Soul Man" (troubled young man C. Thomas
Howell learns first hand of the plight of the black man), director/writer
Kevin Smith ("Clerks", "Mallrats") brings you this story of life, love, and
lesbians.  I have to admit, I expected either 105 minutes of comic book and
penis jokes or an ABC After School Special.  It's neither one, not
	Presenting the growing relationship between comic book artists Holden (Ben
Affleck) and lesbian Allyssa (Joey Lauren Adams), neither character really
feels authentic, and Smith never seems to have the right grasp on all the gay
material. He probably needed a much better technical advisor.  
	Funny thing is, Ben Affleck's acting is weak and the real chemistry is
between the always fun to watch, Jason Lee and Joey Adams.  The two compare
sexual war wounds in perhaps the film's best scene and then, they're enemies?
 So why didn't Smith get these two together?  And one has to wonder about
Smith himself: this is the third film he has made in which the lead character
is obsessed with the past sexual relationships of his girlfriend.
	Still, it's a huge leap forward from "Mallrats".  "Chasing Amy" cost as much
as the catering budget on that movie and looks superior. Smith's handling of
actors has improved considerably.  Now if he would stop looking for some
goofy hook to build his movies around.  -Ron Wells

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